Anime Review: Tiger and Bunny

Published July 9, 2012 by myanimelabrew

Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Lady Bacula: Words cannot adequately describe how much I love this anime, not going to lie. But before Lady Saika and I get into exactly why we love this anime so much, please observe the picture to the left that has been my desktop background for the last 2–3 months.

This story follows Kotetsu (green shirt), aka Wild Tiger, and Barnaby ‘Bunny’ Brooks (red jacket) who are partners in the giant superhero reality TV show. Yes, in the Tiger and Bunny world, there are superheroes who go fight crime and compete against each other for the most ‘saves’ on reality television. (I wish this was a real show because I would definitely watch it.) They have very different personalities and principles so the anime follows their adventures together as they try and save the city and figure out Barnaby’s past (since he forgot some pretty important parts of it, like…

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