Gate Keepers 21 episode #1

Published July 9, 2012 by myanimelabrew

Cutfilm Tovent

I’m not familiar with the original Gate Keepers series, other than watching a few clips on Youtube. Apparently it was aired in 2000, but to my eyes looks quite a bit older, possibly even being a deliberate throwback towards 80s anime. Watching the opening to its sequel, I was instantly hooked, and after being informed that I needn’t see the original first before watching the six-episode OVA that followed it up in 2003, I bought it on the cheap at I don’t impulsively buy DVDs like this very often, nor do I watch very many OVA titles. This is definitely a break for me from the regular rotation of new/current anime that I’ve been watching so far this year.

My initial impression of this series is that it’s going to be a “dark” take on the shoujo heroine genre, which I’m not going to pretend to have anything more…

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