Politics and ponies

Published July 9, 2012 by myanimelabrew

Ralph and Chuck

Kind of a personal comic, but one I think some others will relate to. While the backlash from some people within my conservative circles is to be expected (or the people who “just don’t get it”), it’s extra depressing when the fandom who’s motto is quite literally “love and tolerate” rejects you or makes you feel like you don’t deserve to enjoy the show. I’m kind of living proof that the stereotypes of conservatives they have in their heads aren’t necessarily true, but that’s ignored because it doesn’t fit with a comfortable narrative.

To be honest, I’ve only had a few conservatives, and none I know personally, who have really given me and other bronies guff for liking ponies. I’ve actually had more people on the brony side of things get angry at me for my conservative views. That includes one guy on a Facebook group who kept harassing me…

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